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PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:28 am    Post subject:

Hello mate,

Thank you for your application! Could you please log out in your PvE gear? It is quite important for us to see exactly the gear you'll be using when raiding. Furthermore, I think Grom's questions are valid, so looking forward to seeing you answer those.

You'll hear more from the officer squad soon.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:46 pm    Post subject:

Hello, i was looking at warcraftlogs and it seems like there are no logs where you are dpsing as arms to be found. Do you happen to have any logs of that? I glanced quickly over the logs and compared them to mine when i was at around your ilvls at the moment they were taken and we seem to be doing similiar dps at most of the fights. You only picked bloodbath in one fight and when you did you comboed it with siegbreaker during hellfire high council i find that a little odd since they are on a 15 second difference in cooldown so you will not get the optimal use of cooldowns why not rather go with ravager for that fight? Since the bosses move close to nothing during that fight. I also couldn't help but notice that there was not a single time you picked ravager. Is there any specific reason for that or just you feeling like it is not the best talent to pick ever?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:19 am    Post subject: App: LORNS1

The application submitted by LORNS1 is as follows:

Please give us some info about you (name,age etc) and why you think you will fit in our guild and raiding team!:
My name is lorns and im 21 years old , well im player that looking to finish mythic raid and i see your guild with solid guild player that we can make friend with and finish HFC mythic ,
Ps: i see your logs because of that i think your solid guild that we can finish 13/13 HFC mythic

What is your previous raiding experience?Any achievments you are proud of? (Can be from an old expansion raid):
well i have been in break from wow after i get in i finish HFC 13/13 HC
well i finish lick king full hc in my old account

Which class and spec(s) do you play?:
i play warrior spec Fury and off spec Arms

Currently our raiding days are Wed, Sun, Mon 9 to 12 pm server time. Which days are you able to attend?:
i can attend all them there perfect for my time

What do your think you class/spec can offer to the raid?:
i can offer to the raid a good dps but first of all the most important thing that i prefer to take less damage so that i dont make the healer suffer from healing me

Describe your rotation, use of cooldowns:
well first i try to track my recklessness because its my first priority
then dragon Roar i track it , and i track my rage to use my spell right like berserker Rage , track my instant pops like wild strike

Could you please share some of your previous logs?:
well that not my best but thsi what i can find logs for me

How do you keep up to date with your class and raid content tactics?:
well tracking method raider and tracking icy veins

The guild is full of "X class/spec" would you consider changing your spec?:

Why did you leave your old guild?:
im with guild with my friend they dont raid at all even they dont finish normal of any raid

Please provide a link to your armory:

We are using Teamspeak 3 to communicate. Do you have a headset available?:

Do you know other players who would like to join? Or have friends whom you would like to include aswell?:
well at this time no

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em