About us

Chaotic Theory is currently recruiting a few more good raiders to flesh out the roster! We are currently mainly looking for the following classes/specs:

DK (Needs to play both Blood and DPS)
Monk (All specs)
Warrior (Dps)
(Tanks and healers that apply should preferably have a viable off-spec)

If your class/spec is not on the list, do not hesitate to apply! All exceptional applications will be considered.


Chaos Theory builds on the remnants of our old horde guild. Currently we are strengthening our core team to continue our progress through HFC. We have always been a laid back group who still managed to bring up the necessary focus during raids to progress. In our opinion raiding should be enjoyable while still getting to see all the current content on heroic at least. 
Raiding days are planned on Wed, Sun, Mon between 9 and 12 pm server time. 
We are located on 'The Maelstrom', however, with crossrealm raiding players on other realms are also welcome.

Current progress is 13/13 heroic and 5/13 mythic.

Guild News

No News Is Currently Available

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